Fri, 03 Dec 2021


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New electric car factory in Beijing targets 300,000 cars annually

BEIJING, China: Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi has signed a cooperation agreement to build an electric auto assembly plant in Beijing ...

Stocks in Asia choppy, uncertain

SYDNEY, NSW, Australia - Asian stock markets were wary on Thursday after major falls on local markets and overseas over ...

Big jump in can costs could close many small craft beers: officials

BROOMFIELD, Colorado: One of the world's largest suppliers of aluminum cans, Ball Corp, is increasing the minimum number of cans ...

U.S. stock markets go into panic after first Omicron case is reported

NEW YORK, New York - A single case of Omicron, that being the first in the U.S., sent stocks into ...

After outage, no 911 calls, T-Mobile to pay $20 million fine

WASHINGTON D.C.: As part of a settlement with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), following a 12-hour outage in June 2020 ...

Indian government tells citizens not to purchase Starlink internet

NEW DELHI, India: The Starlink Internet Services of Elon Musk's SpaceX aerospace company has been told by the Indian government ...

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Abbott Ireland announces expansion plans, new jobs

DONEGAL, Ireland - Announcing plans to expand its workforce in Donegal, the U.S. healthcare giant Abbott unveiled plans to create 500 new jobs in the country.Abbott Ireland currently hires c ...

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